Ministry of Lands Housing & Urban Development

Deepening  Good  Urban  Governance  of  urban forums

Aimed at aiding inclusive development, were ordinary citizens, leaders, policy makers, development partners and the Government working together to play a key role in shaping the future of urban areas.

The project will provide support and tools to urban forums with a purpose of effectively and sustainably sharing information for development through ICT.

The following is accomplished from within this platform
  • Training of urban forum executives, members and other stakeholders in all issues governance.
  • Hosting a knowledge hub with specific information that is relevant to the citizens’ in their day to day life in the urban areas i.e. information on government projects and services.
  • Exchange of experiences and sharing of ideas among various stakeholders and policy makers in different localities.
  • Documentation  and  wide  sharing  of  effective  practices  on  urban  development  relevant  to  the stakeholders’ localities.
  • Facilitation  of  increased  understanding  on  sustainable urban  development  trends  and  issues, globally, nationally and locally.
  • Promotion  of  monitoring  and  evaluation  tools  or  indicators  on  urban  issues,  policies  and programs
This entire project is supported by Democratic Governance Facility.