KCCA Employment Services Bureau

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The KCCA Employment Services Bureau is mandated to implement programs geared towards empowering youth with entrepreneurial and employment skills.

The ESB is under the Directorate of Gender, Community Services and Production (DGCSP)

All these programmes are free of charge though each has conditions one has to meet before joining.

This program is designed to equip the youth with practical ICT skills and experiences so that they are better placed to compete in a labour market where ICT skills are a prerequisite for employment.

This course is taught using the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum which is internationally recognised. At the end of this programme students get certificates issued in partnership with the Directorate of Industrial Training under the Ministry of Education.


Duration: 3 months

Pre-requisites: One must be able to read and write, and should be below 35 years old.

Location:  ESB headquarters, Ssezibwa road, Kampala

This programme is geared towards changing the mind-sets of the youth and ensuring that they carry out their employment with dedication and integrity. Under this programme, the youth are also taught how to conduct themselves during interviews , how to write a CV and the social skills necessary for one to be effective at work

The course is designed to be as practical and as engaging as possible so as to enable the youth learn better.

Duration: 3 months

Pre-requisites: enrolment is limited to students of ICT and youths volunteering under i-serve

Location:  ESB headquarters, Ssezibwa road, Kampala

The i-Serve Youth Volunteer programme is an initiative intended to provide young people with structured placements in host Organizations for a period of 6 months to enable them gain both technical and social skills and get ready for employment.

This programme is meant to equip youth with skills, competencies, work ethics and experience which prepares them to work, lead and contribute to development initiatives.

This programme has a high success rate, 80% of the participants go on to find permanent jobs within a year of their internship. 


Duration: 6 months

Pre-requisites: the applicant must have a university degree and should be below 30 years of age

Location:  ESB headquarters, Ssezibwa road, Kampala

The ESB has a job matching database designed assist employment officers to match job seekers with employment opportunities. . The system automatically filters through the qualifications of the job seeker and matches them to the criteria of the vacancy. It then provides a list of candidates that match the demands of the recruiting company.


Interested parties should visit the ESB offices and submit their CVs in person.

This programme is open to all jobseekers and employers within and beyond Kampala

Location:  ESB headquarters, Ssezibwa road, Kampala

This programme is meant to provide this will cater for all youth, notably those who have no formal education to speak of. The youth will get vocational training in metal work, tailoring, motor vehicle repair, basket weaving among other things. This training will take place in the soon to be operationalized youth centre in kabalagala.


Duration: 2 months

Pre-requisites: should be below 35 years of age and must be a resident of one of the division of Kampala

Location: Kabalagala, Makindye , Kampala

The youth are taught how to use agriculture to attain economic independence. This is done through equipping them with skills in farming practices which do not require a lot of space or land but yield high returns on investment. The programmes include Poultry farming, aquaculture, crop science, hydroponics.

It also has an engineering section where the youth are taught how to make interlocking bricks , pavers, culverts among others.

The centre is open to the public for training on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 5 pm.


Pre­-requisites: Must be a resident of one of the divisions in Kampala, no formal education is required and it is open to people of all ages.

Location: KCCA Agricultural Resource Centre in Kyanjja, Kisasi.