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FranklinCovey  is  a  global  company  specializing  in  performance  improvement.  We  help  organizations achieve results that require a change in human behavior. We have expertise in seven areas: Leadership,Trust, Productivity, Execution, Sales Performance, Customer Loyalty and Education. Three things that set FranklinCovey apart from everyone are our world class, principle based solutions, our global foot print with operations in over 140 countries and the transformational impact on people and organizations.The focus of FranklinCovey products and services is to teachvalues and principles that build effective leaders within organizations, whether private or public.

We  provide  our  products  and  services  throughprofessional,  public  workshops  and  in-house  training programmes delivered by our team of certified FranklinCovey facilitators from Uganda. Within the seven areas of FranklinCovey, CEMM is currently offering Leadership, Trust, Productivity and Execution. Read more at www.franklincovey.com



Leadership is not something  that you learn once and for all, it is an ever-evolving pattern of skills, talents,and ideas that grow and change as you do.”  – Sheila Murray Bethel

“You may not be able to control everything, but  you can influence certain things. Trust starts with you”  – Stephen M.R. Covey

“A culture is how people communicate and work together overtime, even if it’s just you and one other person. This is something you can influence. The key is to establish a shared language ofimportance based on the Time  Matrix.”  —Kory Kogon

“All organizations are composed of individuals.  Unlessyou get  individuals’work aligned to the organization’s top priorities,organizational
goals will not be achieved.”  —Michael Simpson,FranklinCovey  Senior Consultant

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