Microsoft Word 2007 Essentials

Word 2007 is the word processing software in the Microsoft 2007 Office Suite. It allows you to easily create a variety of professional-looking documents using features such as themes, styles, SmartArt, and more.

Topics Covered Include:

        Introduction to Word

  1. Setting Up Your Word environment
  2. Text Basics
  3. Saving Documents
  4. Proofing Features
  5. Working with Hyperlinks
  6. Printing

       Word Basics

  1. Creating a new Document
  2. Formatting Text
  3. Working with Text boxes
  4. Inserting Clip Art
  5. Working with Shapes
  6. Using a Template
  7. Working with Lists
  8. Line and Paragraph Spacing

        Doing More with Word

  1. Modifying Page Layout
  2. Working with Pictures
  3. Columns and Ordering
  4. Working with Headers and Footers
  5. Working with Tables
  6. Using SmartArt Graphics
  7. Using Indents and Tabs
  8. Applying Styles and Themes

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2017-01-29 to 2022-12-31

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