Math for Primary Five Term One Somesa


This online study material focus majorly on the math content for Primary five term1.During your study you will be introduced to topics and lessons which are designed to meet the interest of learners in primary five. The content is also good for learners of P.6 and P.7 for revission purposes. Therefore, they can also take part in learning this content for their preparation for PLE.

The subject matter covers the following topics;

  1. Concept of sets
  2. Whole numbers
  3. Operation of whole numbers
  4. Patterns and sequences
  5. Fractions and
  6. Topical assessment questions

During your learning proccess you are encouged to learn each topic a time, take lessons and complete them before you can start with a new topic.
You are also encouraged to make personal notes on your note book to help you understand what you are learning and for ofline revission.

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2020-05-15 to 2025-06-30

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