Welcome to this online training course on Case Management in the context of programming for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda!

The course content is based on the Uganda Harmonised Case Management toolkit (MGLSD, 2018) and is intended to equip participants with knowledge of the basic principles, processes, standard operating procedures in case management in OVC programming. It focuses on the main steps in case management and how to successfully complete each of these interrelated steps in case management in order to ensure that OVC that are eligible for services receive them in an appropriate, accessible, effective and ethical manner.  Very specific tools for use at the different steps in case management are introduced in this course together with the guidance on how to apply them.

The course is intended to equip participants with basic knowledge and skills in case management in the context of programming for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

The training shall;

  1. Improve your ability to consistently apply the standard operating procedures (SOPs) along all steps in the case management process as provided in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Harmonized Case Management Toolkit
  2. Increase your knowledge of underlying principles of case management and Social Work practice
  3. Promote your application of principles of case management and best practices in the care and protection of vulnerable children taking account of the different needs and strengths of children and families.
  4. Improve your ability to consistently use case management tools provided in the MGLSD’s Harmonized Case Management Toolkit and document decision-making processes.

This training is intended to ensure that all practices of case management in OVC programs in Uganda are implemented with consistency.


Who are the target participants? Government staff at all levels (e.g., Probation and Social Welfare Officers (PSWOs) and CDOs) as well as case workers engaged by Civil Society organisations,  PEPFAR and non-PEPFAR-funded IP organisations, with a mandate to deliver services for children.


Mode of learning: This is a learner centred course. This means that the participant takes the initiative and the lead in learning. All content involves online or electronic learning. Nonetheless, the learning platform is designed in such a way that there is regular interaction with other learners and the course facilitators.


You will be required to complete the reflection exercises throughout the course.  These are recorded and contribute directly to your final assessment.

The course involves a number of case studies with guiding questions for your reflection.  You will be required to submit your reflections on the case studies on the online platform to enable mutual learning with other participants.

Duration: The whole course is expected to take you approximately 12 hours in one sitting, or one month when spaced out.  The programme allows you flexibility where you pause and come back to the course later.

Certificate: You will be issued a Professional Certificate in Case Management upon the successful completion of the course and having obtained a 60% pass mark in all the assessment exercises.

Course Availability

2021-03-15 to 2022-03-31

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