Zainab-Baby School

Why Choose Zainab baby school for your child

  1. Zainab baby school is purely a modern kindergarten.
  2. We value the right of the individual and acknowledge each child as a unique human being who is endowed with unkonwn potentials and hidden possibilities which can guide us to his/her radiant future.
  3. We believe a child is not a static being, but grows,develops and changes as they interact with and explore their place in the world around them.
  4. We value knowledge and perspective that families bring to the care and education of their children,compliments are always welcome at the centre.
  5. We understand the fact that there's always seperation anxeity between child and parent so we allow the tripatriate agreement among the three parties i.e the child,parent and the caretaker/Teacher at the reception of your child to help us understand the child more and also create a bond between home and the baby centre.

Your expectations

A loving and attractive environment where children feel comfortable playing,resting,eating and learning