Vision 555


Vision 555 is an emerging Growth & Development non-profit organisation for training and Advocacy outreach focused to inspiring best potential of people individually and through entities with targeted demographics segmented into the major categories of: Preteens, Teens, and Adults.

We serve individuals, families, schools, universities, businesses, organisations, communities and nations with a goal of empowering a total of 5 million people across 5 continents to live the best of their potential within a timeline of 5 decades, starting 2020.

In all we do, we are anchored to the core values of potential, productivity, performance, purpose(4Ps). We are inspired by the belief that everyone has a right to their best potential, especially to know how?

Our objectives are summarised below;
1.To be a Training Agency mastering and Training Soft Skills, particularly in the Area of Best Potential for all Citizens I.e. Pupils, Students, Professionals and even the illiterate in rural communities by addressing crucial subjects like Innovation among many others.

2. To be an advocate for the realization of Best Potential by every Human being

3. To provide temporary employment opportunities for Youth starting out while offering them apprenticeship training for Productive living, and Innovative practices.

4. Become a Consultancy base for Training of Constructive Youth (Citizens) for Communities, Organizations, Private sector, the Civil Community and Government. 

5. Constructively Influence Education Systems and Curricula towards raising Holistically Prepared learners for a dynamic World.